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Happy Clients

Here’s What They’re Saying

Beth and Frank.jpeg

Never having had a reactive dog before we felt completely out of our depth with how to deal with Frank, so we turned to Cameron for help. 
We found Cameron to be very knowledgeable, supportive and patient. He helped us understand and modify Frank's behaviour, but more importantly our behaviour! 
He really gave us reassurance and confidence and Frank made visible progress every session. 
We no longer feel embarrassed walking in public places and Frank is clearly a happier dog.
I would highly recommend Cameron.

Beth And Frank

laura and jax.jpeg

I have been working with Cameron for many months now and the improvement in Jax is massive. Jax has frustration based reactivity and is very impatient! Cameron has helped to equipped me with the tools to better communicate with Jax so that he does not over react.  Whilst we are still a working progress, Jax is so much better and I am more confident with handling the situation before it escalates.  He is a great trainer very approachable and non judgmental. He has great knowledge and experience which he shares with you to help you be the best owner you can be for your dog.  If you’re unsure whether to work with him don’t be, I would definitely recommend working with him.

Laura And Jax

Debbie and Kobe.jpeg

I had booked a few one to one training sessions with Cameron for our 14 week old puppy. He was great, really friendly and I found the sessions so helpful. Cameron taught me all the basics for training and offered lots of useful tips and advice! Kobe loved his weekly visits! I highly recommend Top Spot Dog Training!

Debbie And Kobe

Leanne And Nala.jpeg

Cameron went above and beyond to help train my new puppy Nala. Nala was a very anxious dog and really didn’t know how to be around other dogs as her social skills were non-existent and also Nala being my first ever puppy I had no idea what I was doing but Cameron went the extra mile and really supported me and Nala during training. She is now so well behaved on her walks. She has no anxiety whatsoever and that’s all because of Cameron and the 5 star training we received. Would highly recommend him.

Leanne And Nala

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