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3-Day Private Seminar

A personal 3 day seminar confronting behavioural and training issues you are experiencing

You want to feel confident in trusting your dog. You dream of relaxing walks but you're at your wits end of your dog misbehaving. You feel drained because you've tried every method, nothing is working and you're losing control. The 3 day private seminar can give you that control back turning stressful outings into relaxing strolls. Soon the burden of meeting up with friends and family with your dog, or going on a nice country walk, will become the enjoyable events they are meant to be! Whether your issue is aggression, reactivity, pulling on the lead or recall, the right dog training can give you the freedom to do the things you enjoy with your dog, and stop the emotional and physical stress of your dog misbehaving. Save time and money but still get the value of in person sessions with the 3-Day Private Seminar.

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3-Day Seminar is available on request. For more information, prices and availability, submit the form or use the details below.

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